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It is not necessary that you pay for publishing. You can get your book published absolutely free. If you can design the cover of your book and type set it in the size you want to publish, do it and submit print ready files via mail.
We’ll do the rest of the things and list it on all online portals within 14 days.
You can get author copies at a subsidized price.

The royalty & services you get in Instant Publishing are

  • ISBN & Barcode
  • Paperback version
  • Earn 75% Profit
  • Sell your book on all online portals
  • Get author copies at subsidized price
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bookmitraAssisted publishing
Hire a bookmitra to assist you. Right from editing, book designing & preparing a marketing strategy a bookmitra will be with you at every step of publishing your book. Choose one Assisted Publishing Plan and be comfortable while experts take care of the publishing of your book.
5,100 / $75+ taxes
If your manuscript is print ready, we’ll design a decent cover, publish it with ISBN & barcode & list it on all online Indian portals.
15,000 / $220+ taxes
An affordable plan to publish and sell your book worldwide. An expert team will take care of designing & publishing your book in both print & e-book formats.
51,000 / $730+ taxes
Make it a bestseller. Have complete control on design of your book. Sell online worldwide & Include India vide physical distribution to reach readers who buy books from bookstores.
bookmitraMarketing & Promotions
15,000 / $ 215plus taxes
Not Just publishing, making booklovers aware about a book is as important. With the help of our marketing team you can reach to millions of readers across globe. Readers buy books when they watch & hear about it on social media and search engines time and again. For debutante authors we strongly suggest to avail marketing & promotion services.
Add Ons:
Premium Video Trailer
Author Website
Book Lauch
Recurring M&P Campaign
Recurring Marketing
7,000 / $102plus taxes
Add on Services:
Premium Video Trailer
10,000 / $145
Author Website
10,000 / $145
Book Launch
15,000 / $215
Shout Out (monthly)
500 / $8
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bookmitraMarketing & Promotion Tools
Instant Publishing
Assisted Publishing
New Age Publishing
Who is markmybook & what services they offer?
markmybook is a portal dedicated to books and literature. It's an e-commerce platform for
  • Readers to buy books straight from publishers.
  • Aspiring authors to get published.
  • Publishers to make their books available to readers.
At markmybook we've a catalogue of more than 10 lakh titles of International & Indian publishers and a strong reader base of more than 1 lakh readers. markmybook offers a number of services related with books and literature, the list includes, Writing contests & competitions
  • Trade & self-publishing
  • Writing workshops
  • Book launch events Book give away contests
  • Book marketing & promotion campaigns
  • Author website development & management
  • Publisher website development & management
What is BookMitra & what are the services being offered by markmybook in name of BookMitra?
BookMitra is the self-publishing imprint of markmybook. Under this label markmybook offers publishing of books fewer than three programs namely Instant, Assisted & New Age Publishing. Not only publishing BookMitra is a service for marketing, promotion & brand building for authors & companies. To know more drop us a whatsapp message on +91-9660596970 or write us at
Why should I publish with markmybook?
You’ve more than one reason for this. Publishing is just not getting your written words printed. It is shaping the written words in a bunch of paper which can tempt a book lover to buy it.
We sell & promote books of almost every Indian& international publisher and have a huge reader base who’ve purchased lakhs of books from us. By publishing with us
  • An author gets direct connect with probable readers.
  • Get noticed by literary world instantly.
  • Book is made available not only in India but on 33,000+ channels across globe also.
  • Author gets paid for royalty every month.
What is the publishing process?
  1. Consultation& Synopsis
    Send a brief synopsis of your book & consult with a BookMitra about your book. Have one or more rounds of discussion till you’re satisfied.
  2. Choose Plan
    On the basis of discussion and your requirements choose among Instant, Assisted & New-Age Publishing Plans & package. Be noted that easy EMI option is available for every package.
  3. Agreement & Manuscript
    Once you’ve chosen the plan we’ll enter into an agreement mentioning publishing, distribution & marketing services you’ve chosen, Royalty payable and other issues. Send us the complete manuscript to kick start the process
  4. Get Published
    We’ll make the manuscript print ready within 14-30 days and your book will be in press for publishing.
How many copies of my book will you print?
Whatever plan you choose it is always a lifetime inventory with POD service partners. Physical inventory is maintained as per the demand of a particular book.
How long will it take to get the book published?
Once the manuscript is final it takes 30-40 days for your books to be published and available for readers to buy via online portals and bookstores. In case of Instant Publishing a book is published within 14 days.
Will the books be available online for out of India?
Yes. Via global distribution services the books are made available on 39,000 channels of bookstore chains & online portals besides this our own marketplace deliver in 130+ countries.
Do you publish photography or coffee table books?
Yes we do, please send in your manuscript or get in touch with a ‘BookMitra’ for more assistance. You can reach us via mail at or call/text us at +91-960596970
Who will hold the copyright?
It’s always the author who has the copyright on his intellectual property. The copyright always remains with the author until and unless an author has sold the copyright against some monetary gain.
What is an author agreement and how does it protect my intellectual rights?
An author agreement is a written document of the services publisher herein markmybook llp and it’s imprint ‘BookMitra’ is going to give to author for publishing, distribution, marketing & promotional activities and what amount author is going to pay for that. As far as publishing is concerned it’s a non-exclusive agreement and author can go to any other publisher for publishing next edition of her/his book. However author has to give a two months advance notice to do so.
Does the author keep the film/movie rights, translation rights for her or his book?
This has to be clearly mentioned in the author’s agreement. Team markmybook tries to get best of deals for their authors. In case of sales of film/movie, OTT platform, translation rights higher percentage goes to author and publisher keeps a lower portion for the efforts to get the deal done.
What Payment methods does markmybook accept ?
Markmybook accepts payment through all electronic transfer methods may it be net banking, cheque payments or wallet transfers . To know more you can get in touch with a bookmitra via mail at or call/text at +91-9660596970
In which languages does markmybook publish books ?
Markmybook LLP under it’s imprint ‘BookMitra’ publish books in Hindi, English & all Indian languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malyalam, Bengali. However the time to get published in languages other than Hindi, English & Marathi may be a bit longer
Are there hidden charges of any fees?
No! There are no hidden charges or any fee other than shown on the website. It’s a complete transparent process.
Anything else?
If your question is not listed above write us at
or call us at : +91-9660596970